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My ultimate goal is to make certain that no matter what happens, you have been present for your birth journey.

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Supporting Expectant Mothers Throughout Their Birth Journey

India Williams, Private and Community Based Doula

Hi, I'm India!

Thank you for checking me out here on my website. I am a mom wearing many hats, and I enjoy sharing many talents. Most importantly, my passion is supporting and empowering women!

I am excited about the wonderful opportunity to offer this heartfelt service to you! I am here “to serve” in any way that benefits you. I will do my best to support you in your journey in every possible way– emotionally, physically, informatively and practically.

My ultimate goal is to make certain that no matter what happens, you have been present for your birth journey, you have been empowered and informed about your birth choices to make decisions that are right for you during the birth process, and have a positive experience.

I’m also here for you to “hold space” and provide information on everything pregnancy and birth related. First, we can meet in-person and/or virtually to chat so you can decide if I am a great fit for you. If you decide to move forward with me, we get together a few times during your pregnancy and discuss your birth wishes. We also talk about fears surrounding birth.

I am on call from weeks 38-42 of your pregnancy (2 weeks before and after your estimated due date) to attend your labor and birth and can incorporate emotional support, encouragement, massage, suggest alternate positions, tips for breathing, and capture the experience/special moments with some photos and more.

We see each other again after the birth of your baby to discuss the birth in detail (debriefing is a very special experience). You will be welcome to contact me anytime by phone, text, and email. All in all, I am here to help you feel nurtured, cared for, and assisted in every way possible!

About Me

I hold a Bachelors and Master’s Degree along with a host of other certifications. I have been an advocate for women for over 10 years. I am also a Domestic Violence Advocate, and have gained valuable experience as a Pregnancy Case Manager/Social Worker working closely with OB/GYN providers and midwives where I gained a multitude of experience. . I successfully completed two recognized Birth Doula and Postpartum Trainings - one with Dona International and the other with Uzazi Village.

Additionally, I am a  PAIL (pregnancy and infant loss) Advocate. I have 5 children, but I experienced a miscarriage and did not have the support I needed. This inspired me to become a Pregnancy and Infant Loss (PAIL) Advocate to better support those who have experienced loss during pregnancy.

To further enhance my skills, I  am currently enrolled in school to learn ASL (American Sign Language) to bridge the gap between hearing and deaf communities. Learning ASL will help me as a Doula to provide better care to women at such an important time in their lives.


- To offer professional and compassionate support by providing quality doula services


- To bring DONA International’s vision into fruition, that every woman has a doula

My Promise

  • I will respect and work alongside you, your family, and your health care providers
  • I will provide judgement free support
  • I will respect your privacy at all times
  • I will provide evidence based research to help you make an informed decision
  • I provide the aforementioned services regardless of background, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • There are no religious aspects to services and all are welcome.

My why

I believe that Doula work is spiritual work, and you have to dive right in, because serving others is indeed an honor and a privilege. I serve by empowering, educating, listening, respecting, and really seeing women for whom they are. More importantly, I absorb, honor, and love by leaving my ego at the door.

I make room for all the emotions that may come up in pregnancy and birth, even when I am the person on the receiving end. The hope, joy, lessons, and satisfaction resulting from being a Doula, are beyond what I can convey because I see humans in their most empowered and vulnerable state as their worlds change instantaneously.

The United States has the highest maternal mortality ratios of any country, and the healthcare system has continually failed these women. Doulas are needed. The integration of doulas within a woman’s pregnancy care team can help improve disparities. Let us hope that our maternity care systems will change to meet the basic, yet significant, needs of women.


What is a doula?

A doula is a “mother’s helpers.” And their role is to “mother the mother.” A doula is a trained support person before, during, or after birth providing all kinds of support. Doulas fill in the gaps created by the present maternity care system and has been trained to provide constant care and support that pregnant women deserve and need!

Doulas are knowledgeable about massage and touch, labor positions and movement, relaxation techniques and breathing, help you understand labor and delivery procedures and possible complications, help you develop a birth plan, and how to incorporate and assist your other birth partners (like a spouse). Doulas provide 100% support and love.

During labor, the doula will:

  • Stay with you constantly to provide comfort and support
  • Help you get into comfortable positions
  • Help you get adequate fluids and nutrition
  • Help communicate your preferences to the medical staff
  • Involve and reassure the dad-to-be

After delivery, a doula can:

  • Provide encouragement and support after bringing your baby home
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Support dad, partner, and other siblings and teach them how to help you

How your doula works with your delivery team:

During labor and delivery, doulas will empower you and help you communicate with the medical team. A doula doesn't replace nursing or other medical staff. They don't examine you, take measurements, or do other clinical tasks.

Why choose a doula?

  • A doula can help you have a positive and safe birth experience.
  • During labor, a doula can take over coaching to give the dad, your partner, or family member a break. Studies show that women who use a doula have shorter labors, are less likely to need a C-section, request less pain medication, and have a more positive childbirth experience.
  • Moms who used doulas after birth may have more success with breastfeeding.

Will having a doula help me? Yes!

Receiving continuous labor support provided from a doula, has been shown to:

  • Decrease C-section rates
  • Increase the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Decrease the use of Pitocin (drug to speed up labor contractions)
  • Decrease the need for pain relief or epidurals
  • Increase positive birth experiences
  • Decrease labor time

What is the difference between a midwife and a doula?

  • Nurses/midwives have other tasks to do during your birth and cannot provide continuous labor support. While some expertise my overlap between the professions, doulas are not healthcare professionals. Doulas are not substitutes for trained medical professionals. Doulas do not have the training and it goes against her code of ethics to diagnose or treat you.
  • A professional midwife is a health care provider that provides primary care to pregnant, birthing, and newly postpartum women. This means, the midwife is responsible for monitoring and assessing you and your baby’s well-being. She performs assessments like taking blood pressure, checking fetal heart tones, performing vaginal exams, etc. and is very knowledgeable and experienced with natural and normal birth.
  • A doula is also not a nurse because a doula will also not be performing any assessments or assisting the doctor. Also, in many places, nurses don’t have the time to provide women with comfort that doulas do because they are tied up with other women and tasks. A doula on the other hand is there FOR YOU ONLY, and providing you with all the continuous support that you not only deserve, but need.

How can I find a doula?

You can ask your hospital. Additionally, you can ask your OB/GYN provider or midwife, and anyone else who provides services to pregnant women, like prenatal yoga teachers, lactation consultants, or childbirth educators.

If my partner or family member is with me, do I need a doula? Yes, you could still use a doula.

  • Your husband, partner or family member is very important to have with you during your birth, but it is beneficial to have a doula.
  • Even if you have a loved one with you, that person also has needs. They will need to use the restroom, eat, and perhaps sleep. A doula is a great person to “relieve” your partner, family member so they can refresh themselves during the experience. As well, some people lack experience or knowledge about birth or what goes on in hospitals. For that reason, they may find it challenging to support you fully when they are also having to cope with the process themselves!

Doula’s do not:

  • Make decisions for you
  • Speak on your behalf, “stick up for you” or negotiate with your medical team
  • Replace your husband/partner
  • Track your and your baby’s well-being through monitoring and assessments, or give you medical advice
  • Have skills to attend to emergencies or necessarily prevent a C-section, other interventions or less than optimal outcomes
  • Doulas may also remind you of what you stated in your birth plan, but a doula will not enforce it.
  • Some women feel disappointed that their doula did not “stick up” for them more during their birth experience, but that’s not the doula’s role and it is unethical to do so. She can give you information so that you can make informed decisions, but those decisions need to come from you or your partner/family member, directly from your mouth.

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When you need support on your birth journey, know that I’m here for you. Connect with me today so we can talk about your pregnancy. I serve expectant mothers in and around Camden County, New Jersey.

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